About Us

Wordonthestreetsmag.com is an online hip-hop magazine and a subsidiary to Word on the streets magazine, LLC. Wordonthestreetsmag.com focuses on celebrity, style and culture and provides its readers with daily updates to an inside look at the hottest music news, op-ed pieces and entertainment reviews.

wordonthestreetsmag.com, is a wholly owned and operated website on it’s own platform it is also the eyes and ears for African-Americans grass roots movement who are looking for what’s hot online, on the airwaves, on TV, in the theaters and on the streets.

Word On The Streets Magazine, LLC. is the leading independent online platform serving the African American consumer reaching more than 50,000 visitors per month and growing. Word on the streets magazine’s mission is to embrace and positively impact the lives of African Americans. Word on the streets magazine will empower the African American community by providing news, information, entertainment, community, tools and services that speak uniquely and directly to our audience’s values and needs.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com is a subsidiary of Word On The Streets Magazine LLC. Another subsidiary is Isiswisdom.com which is the official social networking and community site affiliated with wordonthestreetsmag.com. The community is more on a social, political, conscious level.

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