T.I. and Tiny In Beverly Hills Shopping

Tip spotted shopping with girlfriend Tiny in Beverly Hills rolling in his red Ferrari yousers. Now that is how you do it. If your going to go to tinsel town then you got to show them how it’s done

Jennifer Hudson Is That You?

Singer Jennifer Hudson is showing off her new look and her new promo for weight watchers. Wow she looks gorgeous congrats J-Hud. More pics below.

Vivian Green Returns With ‘Intimate’ Album, Tour

R&B singer Vivian Green switched things up when it came time to record the soon to be released album, “Beautiful”.

Photos: Kamber/Tiny & Toya/Jay-Z & Beyonce/Chris Brown/Greg Oden Naked

Amber has clothes on Yay!!!I guess it’s safe to say that Kanye is back. Ye and Amber are seen in these photos at a Channel event. Tiny and Toya back for a new season, Bigga out eating and Chris Brown needs a new stylist. Did we tell you that Greg Oden is naked all over the internet SMDH.

Kamber+Mike Vick +Tiger Woods Rehab Photos Fake+ Trey Songs Is Not Gay

Kanye tell your girl to put some clothes on. Kamber was spotted out and about with Amber half dressed as usual. Last year that was cool but Amber can we see you sexy with some clothes on damn? Pop the hood for more half nakedness and foolishness.

Photos: Um Auntie Viv, Who Is Slimm?

Vivica Foxx has a new man and get this he is 25 years old and a known Atlanta promoter.

Happy Birthday Fabolous

Fabolous had a birthday party celebrating with diddy,Tyrese,Jay-Z ,Rick Ross and other big celebrities.

Drake,Lil Wayne,Mika Means,Shenell, Partied It Up Last Week

LAST FRIDAY WAS CRAZYYYY LIL WAYNE, DRAKE, D. WOODS, SHENELL, JOC, DJ GREENLANTERN, JAZZY PHA AND MORE ATTENDED Shenell’s birthday bash as primal. Shenell is waynes new artist and she helps him with his tours.

Bourgeoisie Shoetique presented “Suite Addiction” NY Fashion Week Suite

Bourgeoisie Shoetique presented “Suite Addiction” NY Fashion Week Suite (Eva, Chrisette Michelle, Melyssa Ford & more)

Pics Of Raekwon’s Album Release Party

Raekwon the Chef (pictured above) shouted Tuesday night at New York’s 550-capacity venue Santos Party House, where he held the release party for his new album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II.

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