Corporate America To Rappers: The More Ignorant and Animal Like You Are, The More Money We’ll Pay You!

Hip-hop journalist Isis wisdom takes a hard look at the influence that corporate america has over todays hottest rappers and ponders is it for the good or the detriment of hip-hop.

Smif N Wesson: One Of Hip-Hop’s Greats


Unlike the hypocritical rhetoric of some backpack rappers that preach black empowerment during performances to all white audiences, in places like Norway, because they can’t pull a crowd on their home turf, Smif and Wessun are the real deal. Their first album Dah Shinin’, released in January 1995, debuted in the top 5 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and went on to sell over 300,000 copies in the United States.

Love It Or Hate It: Nicki Minaj Is Coming Into Her Own

Nicki minaje

Hiphop journalist and critic Isis wisdom weighs in on Nicki Minaj and her rap career.

Editorial: Winter in America – Black Heroes and Homicides


Back in 1974, Gil Scott-Heron recorded a song called “Winter in America.” No, he wasn’t talking about
the Arctic like weather that we have been experiencing for the last couple of months. He was mourning the death of activism after the Civil Rights/Black Power Era.

Black Celebs Do A Remake Of We Are The World While The Vultures Make Money Off Of Disaster Relief


Artists have recently come together to remake the classic 1980 hit by the late great Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie & Quincy Jones. The OG version featured artists like Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper & more.

Jay Electronica: Hip-Hops Newest Reveloutionary


Some are saying that he is the new savior of Hip hop. Didn’t they say the same thing about Drake last year? I’m not sure about savior but definitely a warrior of hip-hop. Jay’s sound is organic and not commercial. With lyrics as conscious and thought provoking as his in a era where all the music is dumb down and stupid we will see how organic and non commercial he remains.

Editorial: Is Television The New Legal Drug For The Masses?


I was more under the impression that bloggers were. Let’s examine what a Television is shall we? It is a box that sits in your home and tells you exactly how to think. You ask how is this possible? They do it by programming you.

Young Money: The New Hip-hop Empire


Hip-hop Journalist Isis Wisdom from Atlanta weighs in on the success of Lil Waynes label, Young Money records and says the label is the new powerhouse of hip-hop for 2010.

Jay-Z: Know-the-ledge (Jesus Can’t Save You!)

I recently heard some Christian youth pastor on going off on Jay-Z for a lyric in his song “Empire State of Mind.” The lyric is, “Jesus can’t save you! Life starts when the Church ends.” This preacher was livid that Jay-Z would diss Jesus!

Why Can’t I Be Hip-hop? Just ‘Cause I’m Old?

018 (1)

Writer Khalil Amani, asks the question why can’t he be hip-hop because of his age. It is a funny but truthful commentary about how young people view age in hiphop and how preposterous it is.

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