Fear Of A Black Planet: Public Enemy 20 Years Later

Twenty Years After ‘Fear Of A Black Planet,’ Public Enemy Members, Collaborators And Colleagues Celebrate Its Anniversary

Heather B Returns To Drop A New Album – Open Bar

DJ Premier will assist Heather B in ending an 8-year album drought by executive-producing her new LP, Open Bar. Heather B’s last project was 2002’s Eternal Affairs. With production from Pete Rock and DJ Premier, the album met with positive reviews despite not charting on Billboard.

Usher: I Got To Get My Swagger Back

Usher is on this months cover of Billboard Magazine and he speaks on getting his swagger back. He admits he lost it. “I had checked out,” the singer acknowledges. “I went all the way into being super husband and super dad, thinking, ‘I’ve got to be serious all the time. I’ve got to be the man.’ I put my swagger down for a minute, but I didn’t throw it away. Now it’s time to get it back.”

Lil Waynes Experience In Rikers So Far

Ihiphop’s combat jack get’s the low down on how Weezy stay is so far in rikers island and decides to write a rikers island diary keeping everyone up to date on Waynes dealings inside the prison.

Feature: Stanza – Lyrical Lovers

What can I say I think this artist has been slept on, in the musical blogosphere for far to long. Stanza has a new free album titled “Lyrical Lovers” appropriately titled. The album is hot from the beginning to the end. It’s first time that I was able to let a whole album play from front to back with out pausing it with the exception of Jay Electroninica’s victory mixtape.

Baby Speaks On Cashing In On The Oil Industry

Just when you thought that rapping was all there was for Cash Money I suppose they don’t have that name for nothing. Besides the success that the label Cash Money has had over the years, with Lil Wayne, and now Young money with hot artist’s such as Drake, Nicki Minaj Baby now has a oil business.

Is Atlanta The New Sodom And Gomorrah Of The US?

Yep. According to The Advocate magazine, Atlanta rates as the nation’s gayest city, followed by Burlington, Vt., Iowa City, Bloomington and Madison, Wis. Don’t bother looking for San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles — those supposed gay meccas don’t even place in the rankings compiled by the nation’s oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender publication.

Video: Q-Tip Interview w/ NBC Talk Stoop

Q-Tip talks to NBC’s Talk Stoop about converting to Islam in 1995, the fact that his album took 8 years to come out, the state of the music industry now that artists are blogging and tweeting and eventually settling down.

Mary J. Blige On Making ‘Color’ For ‘Precious’ Film

Mary J. Blige talks to Billboard’s Bill Werde about making music for “Precious.”

Why Is Robert “Kaspa” Smith The Don of Promo In Atl Music?

Kaspa Tha Don Smith is the number one music promoter in the ATL. See why we say that.

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