Hip-Hop Saved My Life: Dj Bdo

DJ Bdo

While you might now be familiar with the name Dj Bdo, most of you might know his face. Playing the lead character in Lupe’s “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” video, Bdo makes more moves behind the scenes than he does in front of the cameras.

Growing up in Port Arthur Texas, Bdo went from listening to local idols UGK to producing for Pimp C and Bun B. After placing Bun B’s lead single “Countin Money” ft. Yo Gotti and Gucci Man, expect to see and hear more from Dj Bdo

Rookie of the Year: Young Nino

Carlton  8

Atlanta native Young Nino knows the scene has become filled to the brim with new acts. So to get his buzz up, he took his show on the road, buidling his buzz through relentless promotion. The results of that has been great as a hit single and video have been spawned through that hustle.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com caught up with Young Nino to talk about his new single and video, his influences and where we might see him next year this time

I Aint Mad At Cha’: Rhymefest

Rhymefest El Che Cover Art

And while his humor filled rhymes about everyday life would appeal to the underground, it never became the mainstream smash that many expected. Never the less, the out spoken Rhymefest kept his name in the headlines. Beef with Charles Hamilton and rumored beef with his former label and their newest acquisition Wale would keep the name Rhymefest hot.

The Omega Factor: Omega tha Kid

Omega tha kid blk copy

Hailing from Washington D.C. Omega the Kid has melted all the various influences that one can be exposed to when growing up in the nation’s capital to make a very unique brand of music.

Grown Man Rap: Richie Rich

Richie Rich Town Bidness

Bay Area legend Richie Rich had the chance to reach the upper echlon of West Coast emcees. An influence on many of the West Coast greats including Big Snoop Dog, Rich signed a solo deal with Def Jam in 1996. His major label debut “Seasoned Veteran” made noise on the billboard charts. As he prepared his 2nd disc, Def Jam would merge with Polygram leaving Richie Rich in limbo. His next disc would never drop.

Now the man who help start that West Coast gangster shit is back with a new mixtape and a new attitude.

Face Off: Roscoe Dash


It’s hard to have a hit record. But it’s even harder to have a hit record and not have your name credited as making the hit. That was the problem for a young emcee out of Atlanta named ATL. Sitting on a hit called “All The Way Turned Up”, he thought it would be a good look to have a bigger group jump on the track with him. So he invited his friends Travis Porter to get on the record.

Open Doors: Gates


Virginia native, Gates is new to the industry but not new to the game. Picking up the mic early in life, Gates put his own career in his hands putting out back to back mixtapes. Now with a strong team and new goals, Gates is ready to break out the gates and place his name among the best freshman in hip-hop.

Voice of Reason: Myko


Lets be honest, R&B is hurting right now. R&B has become a watered down version of its former self as more artists lean towards hip-hop collabo’s. Very few acts today rely on vocals and lyrics making you wonder, “are there still acts who sing, with soul?”

Wonder no longer. Atlanta native Myko has staked his claim as one of the few artists who understand what R&B means and strives to give that true soul sound to the world. Like so many other great R&B acts Myko found his voice while singing in church. After finding his voice, he hit the open mic’s and showcases through out the “A” building a name as a star on the rise.

This is the Remix: Swazy Baby

Swazy Baby

Swazy Baby should be commended. While other up and coming artists are busy trying to bury their underground past, Swazy Baby continues to capitalize on his. And why not? It was using mixtapes as a way to build his buzz up intially, Swazy caught the eye of Bigga Rankin.

Interview: What about B.o.B


Clicking up with B-Rich and TJ Chapman, B.o.B was able to turn his underground success into a deal with Atlantic Records.After a slew of critically acclaimed mixtapes, cross-country tours and commercial placements B.o.B still has that spark in his eyes and energy in his voice that he did when I first saw him on stage.

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