Teyanna Taylor: Do We Even Care Who Sleeps With Us Now?

Teyanna Taylor says she is proud to be a virgin.

Kid Cudi Is That You In Those Calvin Klein Underwear?

Kid Cudi new calvin klein model.

Meet Bapes New Sexy Model Mr. Kanye West

Kanye west is the new model for Bapes check out his photoshoot.

Bourgeoisie Shoetique presented “Suite Addiction” NY Fashion Week Suite

Bourgeoisie Shoetique presented “Suite Addiction” NY Fashion Week Suite (Eva, Chrisette Michelle, Melyssa Ford & more)


Rap icon KRS-ONE has launched his own religion, complete with a 600 page ‘bible’ for potential followers.

You Know You In “Da Hood” When…

Several things you didn’t know, that makes you aware when you are in the hood.

Mos Def Talks Black Star, Islam, and Haters

Mos Def’s influence in the entertainment industry reaches far beyond just music. The Golden Globe and Emmy nominated artist has also crossed over into film and television, earned a Tony nomination on Broadway, and has lent his voice to controversial social issues significant to his generation. All this, of course, runs parallel to the major… [Continue Reading]

Loon Talks About Turning Muslim

It seems like an increasing number of rappers are turning to the Muslim religion including former BadBoy Entertainment “Loon”. Check out why he decided to turn to a “GoodBoy as he called himself.

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