Laws performs at the URB Showcase

Laws performs at the URB Showcase

The Omega Factor: Omega tha Kid

Hailing from Washington D.C. Omega the Kid has melted all the various influences that one can be exposed to when growing up in the nation’s capital to make a very unique brand of music.

Open Doors: Gates

Virginia native, Gates is new to the industry but not new to the game. Picking up the mic early in life, Gates put his own career in his hands putting out back to back mixtapes. Now with a strong team and new goals, Gates is ready to break out the gates and place his name among the best freshman in hip-hop.

Voice of Reason: Myko

Lets be honest, R&B is hurting right now. R&B has become a watered down version of its former self as more artists lean towards hip-hop collabo’s. Very few acts today rely on vocals and lyrics making you wonder, “are there still acts who sing, with soul?”

Wonder no longer. Atlanta native Myko has staked his claim as one of the few artists who understand what R&B means and strives to give that true soul sound to the world. Like so many other great R&B acts Myko found his voice while singing in church. After finding his voice, he hit the open mic’s and showcases through out the “A” building a name as a star on the rise.

A Poem: “Knock Knock” – Daniel Beaty

Def Poet Daniel Beaty’s knock knock

Block Entertainment Has A New Sherrif In Town – Meet Supplya

Don’t know if the article is appropriately titled, but let me say this: I think Block may have found a winner with this one. Supplya seems to be a different kind of a rap artist. Number one he doesn’t sound like anything out there that is playing right now. His lyrical game is sick and he has his own signature sound and style.

Fresh Hip-Hop: Jeff Chery Zones Out When It Comes To Making Music

Jeff cherry speaks about his song Zone Out.

Unsigned Hype: Flossin in a habit – Johnnie Floss

New comer Johnnie Floss is setting his aim at those big names. A staple on the NYC open mic and showcase scene, Floss has hooked up with a good team in Istandard. Now his focus is on making great music so that the next name you mention as the next great artist from Brooklyn, then his name pops up.

Hip-Hop Rock’s: Game Rebellion – Game Time

Rock and Roll and Hip-Hop are like distant cousins. While acts like Rage Against the Machine and to a lesser extent Limp Bizkit made it a reconciliation seem possible, that comity didn’t last. They see each other at all the familiar family functions, but they don’t really hang out anymore. Game Rebellion s trying to change that

Unsigned Hype: Young, Flashy and Fly – Miz

When you hear Louisville Kentucky the last thing you think of is hip-hop. The hometown of the great Muhammad Ali, Louisville has and always will be a strong bed for country music more than it ever will be for hip-hop.

But that could change all this year with The Miz.

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