Is It Acceptable For White people To Adopt Black Children And Vice Versa?

“White people adopt black kids to make themselves feel good… A black child needs black parents to raise it.” “Maybe she adopted one because the blacks in the community wouldn’t step forward and adopt?” “What’s the big deal?

Is Hip-Hop Being Used Against Black People By Racist Executives?

Is Hip-Hop Being Used Against Black People By Racist Executives?

How To Keep A Misery Index

A writer teaches you how to keep a misery index.

Jill Scott Speaks On Why Black Woman Are Turned Off By Black Men Who Date White Women

Jill Scott was a columnist in the April issue of Essence that’s out on stands right now. And she discusses that “mosquito-bite like” sting that many black women feel when we discover a perfect specimen of a black men has married a white woman.

India Arie Calls Out Lady GaGa And Her Telephone Video

Sounds like India.Arie isn’t a fan of Lady GaGa’s “dark” and 98% naked image being flaunted everywhere. She went in on Twitter about folks who are pushing the envelope too far…and how GaGa and Honey Bee’s “Telephone” video disregards social responsibility:

What You Don’t Know About The 2010 Census Could Kill You

Lately we have seen a heavy push amongst the black entertainment community encouraging people to fill out the 2010 census just like they did when President Barack Obama was running for president. The weird part about all of this is, is that these so called entertainers could be pushing the black community to their death or at the very least prison camps read more below.

OPINION: Is There A Conspiracy Against Black Women?

It should come as no surprise that a population that treats the Earth as bad as it does seems so overwhelmingly misogynistic in general.

Miley Cyrus On Why She Left Twitter And She Makes Sense

Remember when Miley Cyrus caused a big fuss by quitting Twitter? Well, the Disney superstar is explaining her decision.

When White Folks Get To Comfortable With Black Folks

“RHOA’s” Housewife Kim Zolciak Says The “N-Word”

Tiger Woods Humiliates Himself To Corporate World And Fake Public

Tiger woods gives sorry ass apology to wack press and fake public.

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