Main Stream Hip-Hop Is So Boring!

Isis says mainstream hip-hop is boring is she right?

Is John Mayer Racist Or Is He Just An Asshole?

We could careless about interviewing this guy that is why we are going in on his ass. John Mayer whom we actually liked up until he did his, stick his foot in his mouth interview with Playboy magazine. Made some comfortable racist statements in the interview.

A Look Into The Face Of Evil: Stealing a Nation, a Special Report by John Pilger

Watch this special documentary about how a country was taking over by the US and Britain for imperialism. You guys better take a hard look at what is going on with Haiti. As of right now the us is moving 400,000 people away from the earthquake struck Port Au Prince.

Wyclef Jean Gets Attacked By Media About Yele Why?

Journalist Isis Wisdom examines why the attacks on wyclef about his foundation, what are they really trying to pull?

Straight No Chaser: Dear Tiger You should Have Gotten With Some Sistahs – You Just Would Have Got Your Ass Whipped!

Yeah I know a lot of you are tripping but I’m only saying what most of us were thinking. What is all this running and snitching about anyway? Yeah the man got his ass whipped by his wife for cheating. So he ruined his marriage. But these dumb ass dirty broads, could have had it made, and just kept getting paid off of dude. I mean for crying out loud he is a billionaire are you kidding me?

Straight No Chaser: Happy 2010 Thank God 2009 Is Over

Kiss my ass 2009. That was one of the worse years that I have experienced in a very long time. 2010 is now a pivotal year for myself. I can’t speak for nobody else. I realize I had to change a few things as far as my preparations for my big move. Can’t speak on it just yet you know how people hate

Straight No Chaser: I’m Just Not Feeling It

Isis wisdom finds herself reflecting back on 2009 and what life should mean to all of us.

Straight No Chaser-Why I Don’t Trust My President

Why is president Barack Obama playing in to the hands of the pharmaceutical companies?

Did Chris Rock’s Movie Good Hair Make Black Woman Take A Hard Look At Themselves?

Chris Rock Under Fire for putting out the movie good hair which they feel depicts black woman in a negative way.

Straight No Chaser- I Hate Liars

Isis goes in about liars in the music industry.

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