Grandmother Caught Selling Crack To Undercover Cop

Is times getting so rough that old people are out here selling crack to survive? Apparently for 87 year old Ola Mae Agee, it is. Instead of trying to live out her days being a pillar of her community, she opted to ‘enrich’ her environment by selling crack-cocaine. The octogenarian was busted last Thursday on video for trying to sell the illegal drugs to an undercover officer.

Rasta Spends 10 Years In Solitary Confinement Because Of Dreadlocks

Man in solitary confinement in Va state prison for wearing dreadlocks.

Rappers Arrested For Flashing Guns On Youtube

A total of ten people now face charges in connection with a music video posted on YouTube last August.

Philly Cop Fakes Shooting, Blames a Black Man

Well, that Mysterious Unidentified Black Man (MUBM), who commits all the crimes white people don’t want to admit to, has struck again in Philly.

Obama Family Portrayed as Sanford and Son in Newspaper Picture

Phillip Sciarello, a publisher and part owner of the Smithtown Messenger in Long Island, is defending his newspaper after a picture appeared that some believe to be a racist stereotype of the First Family.

Woman Stabs Husband Over Bad Sex

Michelle Thomas had sex with her common-law husband on Thursday and was not satisfied, so she stabbed him with a pair of scissors.

Man commits suicide on death row because he didn’t want his sentence overturned to life in prison?

A death row inmate who sneaked into his estranged girlfriend’s Will County farmhouse in 2002 and beat her and three others to death with a crowbar apparently killed himself today because he was scared of being moved into the prison system’s general population.

Horrible: Cops Raid Home! (Bust In Guys House & Shoots 2 Of His Caged Dogs. All Over A Pipe) “You Shot My Dog” [Raw Footage]

Horrible: Cops Raid Home! (Bust In Guys House & Shoots 2 Of His Caged Dogs. All Over A Pipe) “You Shot My Dog” [Raw Footage]

Woman Killed MotorCyclist While Painting Nails And Driving

Had Lora Hunt been eating a sandwich or dialing her cell phone instead of polishing her nails when she struck and killed a motorcyclist, she would not now stand convicted of reckless homicide, her lawyer contends.

Tupacs Mother Afeni Shakur Hit With Felony Charges Over Drugs

Afeni Shakur, mother of world famous rapper Tupac Shakur, will appear in court in May, after she was arrested earlier this month and charged with possession of marijuana.

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