Charlamagne Tha God:The Questionable firing And Radio One’s Censorship

By Isiswisdom

I’m sure by now you guys have heard radio personality and shock Jock Charlamagne Tha God was fired by Philly’s 100.3 The Beat, shortly after he aired the interview he did with Roc Member Beanie Siegel. We all know that radio is cut throat, we don’t deny that. The radio business is only interested in two things, ratings and making money. So if those are the two main things that radio is interested in then it would make one wonder why in the hell did they fire Charlamagne Tha God. A quote from Radio One’s executive Elroy Smith:

“Doing an all-music morning show with mixer Bent Roc garnered some of the highest ratings that we’ve seen in the last year for our morning show on the Beat,” Smith said in an interview. “We are presently No. 1 with women 18-34 without doing a traditional morning show. Charlamagne will be brought on board to accent the current success of the ‘Morning Beat.’ His commanding personality along with his Internet savvy and his desire to be local will only propel this show to a higher plane.” (Radio & Records)

Well from what we have been hearing Charlamagne did just that. He claims he was the model employee:

Yeah, my numbers were great. I’ve never had any disciplinary action, never been suspended, never been written up, never had any verbal warnings…As controversial as they say I am, I’m like a model employee. Any program director that’s worked with me will tell you that but that’s the way it goes in radio. That’s why you gotta treat these buildings like the Carter, man. You go in, set up shop, do what you gotta do and burn it down when it’s over.” (XXL Mag)

Ok so if he never received a reprimand or any disciplinary action from the radio, if his ratings were high then we all know they were making money, it just goes hand in hand. Why did they fire him? The interview he did with Beanie Sigel definitely had all of philly tuned in as well as the internet. Here is what Beans had to say for those of you who missed it.

“I’m not really dissing Jay, there’s certain parts in there where my emotions [take over],” Beans explained in an interview with radio personality Charlamagne Tha God. “I’m a rapper, I listened to the Blueprint 3 album, I heard things in there where he was taking shots at people but a lot of things were directed at people…I think my feet was meant for a couple of ‘em…Collectively, you gotta understand, people like Peedi Crakk did some unadvised things like make mixtapes called Camel Hunting Season…It’s the Roc as a whole — but when he says lines like ‘I heated up the Roc already, so why can’t y’all get hot already’ — when you listen to them lines, those are those lines that I know as a rapper, because I know what he do…I know when he’s slick on records.” (100.3 The Beat)

Could he have gotten fired for this notorious interview? It would make one wonder considering this is the second time that philly’s 1003.3 The Beat fired a radio personality that spoke out against one of Def Jams artist. And even though Jay-Z is no longer an affiliate of Def Jam we all know the ties he has in with LA Reid. Back in 2006 Monie Love got fired because of voicing a difference of opinion with Def Jam rapper Young Jeezy with out any given notice.

What is Radio One becoming? Is this the station that we support so much in our black communities that we openly can’t see that voicing an opinion that is in opposition to the status quo Radio One is quick to fire somebody is that how it is now? I just feel it is very unprofessional to fire somebody based on some buddy system and since Radio One has not provided any facts regarding these firings it would make one question their validity in our communities.

Just for the record I feel whether Jay-Z had something to do with Charlamagne’s firing or not is irrelevant, because he does not own any radio stations and he does not work for any radio stations. That being said the responsibility lies back on the station and the companies policies it’s self.

I think somebody needs to have a sit down with Kathy Hughes and ask her what is really going on with Philly’s 1003.3 That Beat and their questionable business practices and or firings what do you think?

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