Dr. Dre Files Lawsuit Against Death Row For Royalties

Dr Dre
Dr. Dre has filed a lawsuit against Death Row Records, the legendary record label he co-founded with Suge Knight.

Dre, born Andre Young, filed a federal lawsuit against the company that purchased Death Row out of bankruptcy, WideAwake-Death Row LLC.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Dre has not seen any royalties from his groundbreaking hit album The Chronic since 1996, the year he left the label due to a strained relationship with Knight.

Death Row Records was put up for sale, when Knight lost a $107 million dollars default judgment to Michael and Lydia Harris.

The Harris’ claimed they invested $1 million dollars, but were cut out of profits by Knight.

WideAwake-Death Row Records LLC purchased the storied gangsta rap label and all of its assets for $18 million dollars during a sale in 2008.

Dre claims the new owners, who have issued releases and reissues by Snoop Dogg and Kurupt, are selling digital, remastered copies of The Chronic and The Chronic Re-Lit, both without his permission.

Ownership of the label is still in question.

In November of 2009, Laura Lavi, who claims to be the sole CEO of Wideawake-Death Row LLC., accused co-owners New Solutions Financials of diverting funds and assets illegally.

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