Drake Lashes Out And Warns Fans Of Fake Promoters

Canadian rapper Drake has come forward to clear his name in regards to a group of phony booking agents and false promoters, who continue to use his name for financial gain.

The latest string of fake bookings were concentrated in the south. In all instances, the individuals have misrepresented themselves as Drake’s manager in order to secure and then pockets deposits for the phony shows.

“It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances for their own financial gain,” Drake told AllHipHop.com in a statement today (February 18).

“It is frustrating for me to hear that many of my fans, who like myself are innocent victims in these scams, have been misled due to the greed of these promoters,” Drake stated. “I apologize to any fan that has been a victim of these circumstances or feels let down by false advertising.”

Drake is co-managed by Bryant Management and HipHopSince1978. His bookings are handled by International Creative Management (ICM).

In November 2009, it was revealed that an imposter was utilizing Twitter and Gmail to secure deposits by posing as Cortez Bryant, the CEO of Bryant Management.

That individual was never apprehended.

“Please be assured that my team and I take these matters seriously and are actively cooperating with authorities. I cannot thank my fans enough for supporting my music and all that I do,” Drake stated.

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