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It’s hard to have a hit record. But it’s even harder to have a hit record and not have your name credited as making the hit. That was the problem for a young emcee out of Atlanta named ATL. Sitting on a hit called “All The Way Turned Up”, he thought it would be a good look to have a bigger group jump on the track with him. So he invited his friends Travis Porter to get on the record.

The song would become a run away success. But rather the name ATL being shouted out it was Travis Porterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So ATL had to make a change. Out goes ATL and in comes Roscoe Dash. Now with a new label and proper credit for “All the Way Turned Up” Dash is ready to show the world what he really can do.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: When you first started out your name was ATL. What prompted the change?

Roscoe Dash: When I first started out my name was ATL. I changed it because I needed to stand out. There was a group called ATL and a movie called ATL. I wanted people to say “who is that” And I wanted to appeal to a broader market than just ATL.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: It must’ve worked because you have a big single right now with “All the Way Turned Up” where did the concept for that song come from?

Roscoe Dash: Working with my producer K.E. He’s done a lot of tracks for acts like Soulja Boy and others. When you hear “K.E. on the track” that’s him.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Is that how you got Soulja Boy on the remix?

Roscoe Dash: Yeah. K.E. was working with Soulja Boy on his record “Patriotic” It was easy really. Soulja Boy tweeted one day “All The Way Turned Up” ft Soulja Boy, lets do it!” From there we just made it happen.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: In between that time there was a little confusion with the song. Can you set the record straight? Who had the song first Travis Porter or yourself?

Roscoe Dash: It’s a lot of controversy. I had done the song by myself in January 2009. I wanted to sit on it for a while until it was the absolute right time to put it out….I hooked up with Travis Porter through my cousin who was an investor in their group. We were on our way to the club one night when they heard my song. At first Strap from Travis Porter wanted to get on it. I was cool with it. I went and took off my first and second verse and let them get on it.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Why would you let them jump on the track?

Roscoe Dash: They have a big brand. You might not know who they are individually but you know the name, so I thought it was a good look. They put it on their mixtape “I’m a Differenter” pt. 2. On the mixtape it was listed as, featuring ATL. That’s how it was released. Now they’re getting all this fame and doing shows off it. I didn’t know about half the stuff they were doing like doing shows and making changes to the song. So I hooked up with LA the Bull CEO of MMI records and got to the business.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Is there any beef between you and Travis Porter?

Roscoe Dash: Not on my side. I don’t have any problem on my side. I wish them the best of luck and I’ll see them at the top.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: What can expect next from Roscoe Dash?

Roscoe Dash: Right now we got the new single “Show Out” that’s going crazy in Atlanta. The album drops April 27th. In the meantime check me out at twitter.com/roscoe_dash and MMItakeover.com

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