I Aint Mad At Cha’: Rhymefest

 Rhymefest has had a hell of career so far. Cutting his teeth on the freestyle circuit, Fest built a buzz up in the Midwest after his now famous battle against then up and coming emcee named Eminem. That battle sums up the life ‘Fest has had in hip-hop.

 He would gain national notoriety for penning the Grammy award winning “Jesus Walks”for his friend Kanye West. A solo disc for Rhymefestwould come from his new found fame, hooking up with Mark Ronson and Allido Records to release “Blue Collar”

 And while his humor filled rhymes about everyday life would appeal to the underground, it never became the mainstream smash that many expected. Never the less, the out spoken Rhymefest kept his name in the headlines. Beef with Charles Hamilton and rumored beef with his former label and their newest acquisition Wale would keep the name Rhymefest hot.

 But hot isn’t what Rhymefest is looking for. Hoping to finally etch his name into hip-hop history with his new album “El Che”‘Fest is putting the beef and controversy behind him in hopes of aspiring to dopeness.

 Rhymefest chopped it up with wordonthestreetsmag.com about his new album, Waka Flocka and why being hot isn’t good enough.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com Talk about the new album, “El Che”

 Rhymefest: I feel happy. It’s liberation. “El Che” is an elevation. “Blue Collar” was critically acclaimed but I felt like….you know the kid who might work with whose funny, he’s like the comedian. He makes you laugh, but he never gets the promotion. I didn’t want to be that dude and I felt like maybe people were listening to the music and taken it more as funny and not hearing what I’m saying.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com:Recently you were spoke on Waka Flocka and his comments on lyrical rappers. Would you like to speak on that?

 Rhymefest:I already spoke on that brother. You can go to worldstar and hear that. Ask me your question.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Aight, Would you listen to Waka Flocka Flame? Is that your type of music anyway?

 Rhymefest:I love all forms of hip-hop. I feel like hip-hop needs a Waka Flocka, but it needs a Rhymefest too. I feel like if the mainstream wants to play “White Bricks” then they need to play “BE” by Common. If you’re going to play “Make Em Say Ahh” or “Blame it on the Alcohol”then you need to play some Rhymefest, Brother Ali, Little Brother, acts like that. I feel like there’s no balance going on right now and that’s what they need.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com: There are plenty of artists like you mentioned and more. Why do you feel like there’s still no balance in the game?

 Rhymefest: Because everyone wants to hot and no one wants to be dope! You can be hot right now and cold the next day. Dope is forever. And too many rappers are cowards.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Who are some of the rappers you feel are dope right now?

 Rhymefest: Me! I’m dope. B.o.B he is dope. Immortal Technique, Skyzoo, Phonte, Kanye, Common, Emilio Rojas, they’re all dope!

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Let’s get back to “El Che” What can fans check for.

 Rhymefest:I got a song with my dude Twon Gabz called “Truth on You” where it’s basically like ‘you tell a lie about me, but I’ll tell the truth about you’ it’s me speaking on all the rumors.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com:Speaking on rumors, there was a rumor that you weren’t on Alido anymore and that you had a beef  with Wale.

 Rhymefest:I didn’t have a beef with Wale. He put out a song that I did that was my song and he put it out like it was a song that he didn’t use on his album or something. Hell no! That’s my song. But I don’t have a beef with him, I just didn’t like that move. And no, I’m no longer with Alido. I’m now with a label called Dangerous Negros.

 Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Dangerous Negros, is that your own label? Is that your way of flexing control of your music and career now?

 Rhymefest: Yes, I’m taking more control now. Dangerous Negros was started by my guys from Texas. They invested in me. It’s beautiful, they do the business and I do the art.

 For more information on Rhymefest check out elchethemovement.com

 “El Che” drops May 18thand check out the pre-album “Dangerous 5-18” now.

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