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“I aint never left the scene! I’m always grinding.” Bold words like that are normally served for underground artists still trying to get their buzz up. You wouldn’t expect an artists who has signed to major deals, posted hit records and has sold units to still speak about grinding it out. But Yo Gotti isn’t the average artist.

Since his first disc “From the Dope Game 2 The Rap Game” Gotti has embraced by the underground and in turn embraced it himself. Without picking up a gold or platinum plaque in his career, Gotti remains one of the most respected artists in the game.

Last year, his underground grind started to make commercial headway. His single “5 Star Chick” was a radio smash and his collaboration mixtape with Gucci Man made him even more of a name in the trap than he was before.

But don’t expect to see Gotti resting on his laurels. Currently his mixtape “Cocaine Muzik 4″ hosted by Dj Drama and featuring fellow Memphis heavyweight Zedzilla hsa Gotti primed and ready to re-enter the scene with vengenace.

Yo Gotti stopped to talk with about his new mixtape, his new single and why what the industry thinks of him doesn’t matter. I know the “Cocaine Muzik 4″ is available online right now. Tell us about the mixtape and what we should expect from it?

Yo Gotti: I got the new single “Men Lie, Women Lie” out right now and the mixtape “Cocaine Musik 4” with Dj Drama and Zedzilla out right now. We city to city right now.

It’s a lot of heat on there. Me and Zedzilla, I’m from North Memphis and he’s from South Memphis. Its like two different worlds in one city so we’re just trying to bring that together. That’s going to be a unique project. It’s a Gangster Grillz project The “Men Lie, Women Lie” single featuring Lil Wayne is dope. What’s it like working with Wayne?

Yo Gotti: Working with Wayne is like working with one of my homeboys. You know if you give him a track then he’s going to do what he do to the beat, kill it. You’ve always been big on the underground. Why do you feel like another mixtape is needed from you?

Yo Gotti: I’m working on my album and its almost complete but I feel like you have to keep putting out material. When you build a fan base you giving that cocaine music then they become like fiends and they need something else. I think its good to keep your fans with music and I feel like its good for me too because its like practice. I stay in the studio recording. When are we going to be able to get a LP from Yo Gotti?

Yo Gotti: The album “Live from the Kitchen” I worked with Jim Jonsin, Cool and Dre, Drumma Boy, Hot Rod who did 5 Star Chick, Justice League I worked with a gang of producers The streets have always respected you. It seems like now the industry is starting to come around. Do you feel like the industry has under-rated you?

Yo Gotti: To me the industry is like a myth like, “who is it” I don’t know. I really don’t give a fuck. I’m good. The song says it, “numbers don’t lie” You come to a Gotti show and its sold out. And that’s not just in the south. That’s Baltimore, Pittsburgh, the people fuck with me so I don’t really care about what the industry says. I aint really tripping on that

“Cocaine Muzik 4″ is available online right now featuring the hit single “Men Lie, Women Lie” featuring Lil Wayne. Follow Yo Gotti at

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