Is America Stealing Hatian Children? American’s Rush To Adopt Hatian Children

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Something about this thing just don’t sit right. It seems like the more time passes the more bizarre this story gets. I want you guys to peep what msnbc is reporting about white American families adopting Hatian orphans. More below.

The last three days seemed the longest for a Kansas family who finally welcomed home four Haitian orphans Sunday.

“We’re home,” Alecia O’Byrne declared with gratitude and relief after five days of frantic effort to rescue the children from the shattered island nation. “We haven’t been able to sleep for five days.”

The O’Byrnes had learned their children had gotten all their papers to leave the island on Thursday. Because of city-wide power outages, U.S. embassy officials in Haiti wrote out the children’s U.S. visas on paper by hand, said Alecia, who praised the efforts of the embassy staff to get the children out of the country.

The children weren’t able to get a flight out Friday, but on Saturday, “they snuck them out the back door of the embassy and into a truck and took them straight to the airport,” Alecia told TODAY. “They had them top priority for the next flight out.”

In addition to the four O’Byrne children, three other Haitian orphans from the same orphanage run by Lifeline Ministries of Kansas also flew on the same plane to join two other Kansas families. A ministry worker accompanied the children. To read more on this click here.

Those are some strong words wouldn’t you say for getting the children out of Haiti? Has anybody checked to see if there were any other family members around to take the children in? Who are these people signing these papers by hand I might add? The mere thought of them doing it by hand suggests they may not even have the man power to even find out if the children’s biological family or relatives may be around. The US has time to get these children out but are slow to move with aid? What’s up with all these European countries rushing to send these children to adoption agencies. Europe, France,Netherlands and the USA are all doing it.

I’m not feeling any of this because they have no way to accurately tell how many children have been shipped off and to where. Are these children in danger? How do we know that? The adults can’t get any asylum in the states but all these children can why? What is the agenda here? What kind of mental anguish are these children in? How will these families understand how to deal with children and their losses and trauma? What about cultural differences? This reminds me of the old slave days when the masters would separate the families is history repeating it’s self again?

This week, 54 orphans arrived in Pittsburgh after a mission that involved officials in the White House, the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. The orphans were being cared for at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. So far, seven children have been placed with their adoptive families.

“We have received quite a few phone calls, including one from as far away as Alaska,” said Clare Kushma, a spokeswoman for Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh. She estimated the number of calls as close to 100, but is referring people to the Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services for adoptions.

Let me ask you guys something. If the shoe was on the other foot would white america allow black families to adopt white children at the rate that they are doing with Haiti? You already know the answer to that. So why is this happening? Granted they get better care but why not everybody who was injured come to the Americas why are they only singling out the children?

Agencies urge scrutiny amid rush to adopt Haitian children:
Haitian children left parentless by Haiti’s earthquake have prompted a rush by foreigners to adopt them. But, aid agencies warn that potential adoptions must first be checked inside Haiti to foil human traffickers.

For as little as 150 dollars it’s become possible to obtain a child illicitly in Haiti’s quake zone, according to Sascha Decker of the German-based children’s aid association Kindernothilfe. He told German ARD public television, Haiti’s orphaned children urgently “need identification and documents. They must be registered by name. Otherwise they become easy prey for child traffickers.”

The German branch of Save the Children says the hundreds of thousands of children left destitute and separated from surviving family members in Haiti’s post-quake chaos should not be automatically declared as orphans awaiting adoption. Another organization, World Vision, has urged Haiti’s government to block new adoptions, initially at least.

“Naturally, lots of people want spontaneously to rescue children,” Marwin Meier, a World Vision spokesman in Port-au-Prince told news agency epd. “But, overhasty adoptions pose the danger that children will be ripped out of their cultural circles and separated from their families,”he added.

Another German association, Haiti-Kinderhilfe, says, before the earthquake, Haitian parents already struggling amid the Caribbean nation’s widespread poverty had typically sent their children to stay with other families, some to work. The quake had left these children isolated and unaccounted for. To read more on this click here.

Can any of these families speak patwa? I would like to know what kind of transition agency is going to make sure that these children are well cared for and accounted for? I have often heard that the children can be the hope for a nation rebuilt. I just have to wonder is all this fast adopting something much deeper. Haiti won’t have any future except for the one that America gives them.

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