Jay Electronica VS New York Hip-Hop WTF???

Who would have ever thought that Jay Electronica who is just as lyrical as most east coast rappers would ever have an issue with east coast rappers? Well he does, and what sparked it off was Rza making a comment about down south rappers. He must have caught Jay on a bad day because he went in. Shortly after that DJ Kay Slay goes in on Jay Electronica and says:Jay-E, please…just release an album! Wow!

Jay Electronica responds to Slay and says:

Wow for many of you who don’t know Kay Slay is a 5 percenter. So was he taking a shot?

Jay get’s on the Angela Yee show and goes Ham but not with out a response from RZA’s brother 9th prince.

@allhiphopcom aint no friction, ya man jay is a corn!

“dude trying to go at my big brother and don’t know what the f**k he’s talking about! So I had to put him on blast!”

I’m 6″4 ,220 pounds get ya weight up twitter ganstas! I’m lol haha! 9thprince is the realest!”

On some other ish DAME DASH has taken back over Roc-a-Fella Records. Yep you heard us right and also we are hearing that he is hiring back his old staff. Apparently Jay-Z left go of the old label and gave it to Def Jam and Dame was like he owns the name so he is reinventing the wheel??? I don’t know what that means but maybe it will be something new and fresh. I mean Dame made Jay maybe he can make another hot artist we’ll see. But that is just rumors.

Rihanna get some glasses! Watch below as she falls again performing.

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