Jay- Z Coming Under Fire About His Lyrics For Hope For Haiti Song

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Is anyone else shocked that Jay-Z is out in the open with his Globalist rational for bringing ‘1000 points of Light ‘ (masonic philosophy), to the country of Haiti “because they were already starving”? In actuality , since 2005 the UN sent 8000 Brazilian and Argentine troops to patrol Haiti for unspecified reasons. It was in 2008 , that a series of questionable hurricanes that hit a region of Haiti and a mysterious school collapsed in Pettonville which killed 98 children. Immediately following the hurricanes there was a convenient food crisis, giving an open door to the World Food Bank, ie Rockefeller.

So here is my theory, the country is already starving so we sacrificed many so we can shed light on all of them! ~ Jay-Z

Check out the song that Jay performed and listen to his lyrics.

One only has to go to a search engine and enter “David Rockefeller, Population Control” and read the globalist perspectives of Al Gore, Ted Turner, Prince Phillips, Julien Huxley, Gates, Soros among countless other “powerful” men who want to cleanse the earth from useless eaters. They really believe that there are too many people are on earth, using the resources, and the Haitians did not treat their land right. They were always creating a crisis in Haiti of dependency so we could enter illegally, like the good Colonialists we are.
They had plans to conquer Haiti- and from an article discovered by Sincere, the fact they found oil in Haiti in 2008 in more than 5 locations gives us plausible reason for conquest.

Rumors flying of Naval Missile tests and readiness for a Haitian crisis was already going on 24 hours before the earthquake 35 miles off the coast of Haiti. Could there have been an underwater nuclear initiative, ( ie. 1945 Tsunami Bomb developed by New Zealand), which has now been upgraded, technically refined and in the hands of varying militaries ( S.Korea, Russia and the USA) that possibly set off the earthquake ? Or oddly enough there is a new HAARP facility in Arecibo Puerto Rico. However small the facility, it does not diminish the billions of gigawatts that can emit from one of these scalar weapons , ie, “weather weapons”.This image is from Google Earth, which you can easily find , is very close to Haiti… and appropriately designed in the shape of a harp. In 1997, William H.Cohen warns about eco-terrorism using scalar, electromagnetic weapons.
haarpaceribo (1)
arecibo2010 (1)

If one investigates the different functions of a scalar wave ( HAARP) one of them is the ability to locate oil, gold, etc- through sound and vibrational representations.

Why was Bill Clinton given “reign” of Haiti by the CFR? He visited Haiti 9 x last year– and Im sure he saw what I saw when I was there- poor people living in shambles, not in the best of conditions . The difference between Bill and I, is that Bill was looking at the people as parasites feeding off the land , devouring their resources, living in squalor and my eyes had tears for the people who suffered in the heat without work. Conditions which have only gotten worse since the UN stepped in. Mind you, Haiti was self sufficient for years, farming, fishing, tourism, just like any island… with lots of respectable people. Globalist documents point out that it takes 7 years to brainwash a generation, and little by little the deterioration of Haiti began by chipping away the infrastructure in slow increments.

Clinton said on CNN with Gupta 2 days after the earthquake, “They will heal and come back stronger, more morally strong, more economically sound” (Morally stronger?) and he had the nerve to mention that they will stop the deforesting of the rainforest in the same breath.

Anyone who follows Gore and these Carbon Czars fart through their teeth know that they are pushing Earth Worship. Ive heard Gore on Charlie Rose say that we will all need to treat the care of the Earth like a religion. These people have another agenda, Gaia worship… sacrificing to false gods— which brings me back to the insidious demonic weapon which the New World Order owns, Shawn Carter , Jay Z, Hova, whatever he wants you to call him– BAAL! With lyrics plundering threw the radio waves this month on a different track, about how we need to worship Earth, and love the planet, gave me the sickening affirmation that he was buying into an elitist philosophy.

Not real elite- almost a Philistine Pseudo philosophy , one that indoctrinates threw masonic orders of power hungry psychopaths. One who believes that they can make demonic decisions because there is no devil, and Lucifer is an angel of light, just misunderstood, while empowering himself with cloths of self righteousness and loathing for another man.

To hear the lyrics chanted by the aligned triad of Rhi, Bono and Z, echo ” Earthquake ” they were already starving, we sacrificed a few to shed light on many” ,gave me a chill . As a lyricist based in soul based truths- I question where Jay Z’s conscience is at to have been able to express such an overt message of disrespect to the suffering Haitians. The World food bank was running out of money fast, feeding Haitians one meal a day, and the world didnt seem to care. Now the world will come to Haitis rescue–and the globalists will “save” the land of Haiti.


And if that was not enough check out what Emcee Bizzle had to say who got interviewed on Allhiphop.com.

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