Lebron James Mama Getting It In With His Team Mate?

This is just the craziest thing I have heard all day. Word has it that Lebron James mother is having some kind of sexual affair with one of his team mates. Eeeewwww! Some are saying the reason why Lebron James is contemplating leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers is because his mom is having an ongoing affair with his teammate/friend Delonte West.

Reportedly this is the reason behind the lackluster play, which he has been heavily criticized for, that ended Cleveland’s chance to beat the Boston Celtics in the playoffs. Reports indicate that LeBron James found out about the affair prior to the Celtics’ Game Four matchup against the Boston Celtics. LeBron James had probably the worst playoff game in his career in Game 5, even commentators said that he seemed detached and not himself. If the rumors are indeed true, Delonte West (who is 26) and Gloria James (who is 42) may have just cost Cleveland much more than a championship.

Side Note: That ding a ling must be good if she is willing to risk her son a championship game damn! What is it with sex and sports?

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