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C-Ride is used to the spotlight, even if you’re not used to his name yet. The Florida representor has been a staple of the Epidemic Music/Polo Grounds team for years now. After making a name for himself on the underground, he’s ready to make his presence known in the mainstream.

With a slew of new mixtapes on the horizon and a new album coming down the pipe line, it looks like C-Ride is ready to put his name at the top of the marquee.

C-Ride stopped to talk to wordonthestreetsmag.com about his new music, working with Cool & Dre and why the indie scene might be better than the major label.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: You we’re big on the mixtape scene for a while. What made you slow down with that

C-Ride: (laughs) they shut it down. I was real big on the mixtape scene, but after a while, they started to slow it down. The Dj Drama situation made a lot of people fall back.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: What’s going on now with you? Are you still affiliated with Cool and Dre?

C-Ride: Yes! I’ve been riding with them for years now.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: How did you find yourself with them in the first place?

C-Ride: I pressed up a demo a while back. Dre got his hands on the mixtape and brought me it. Its been a gift and a curse. I can get any track or any feature I want because I be in the studio so much with them. I’ll be working on my stuff and someone big could come in to work with Cool and Dre and I can get them on my track, but that puts more pressure on you.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: Underground or the mainstream? What has been better for you

C-Ride: The underground is great. I was making money on the underground scene. That game was crazy till the end. It gave me a buzz. I was able to get meetings and take meetings with some big names.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: So what made you move to a major?

C-Ride: I was bigger on the indie scene. I’m from that and I’ll always be on that scene no matter what happens.

Wordonthestreetsmag.com: So what are you working on right now

C-Ride: Right now we got the single “Money Round Here” ft T-Pain coming out. I also got another single called “What’s Hood” that’s about to drop. The album “Automatic Vibe” is coming spring/summer and the mixtape “Arab Store” will be coming before that. Check me out at c2theride.com for all details.

Log onto C2theride.com to find out about all mixtapes, singles and albums.

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