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Atlanta has always been a breeding ground for new music, especially in the hip-hop world. With that being said, the ATL has become oversaturated with new artists.

Atlanta native Young Nino knows the scene has become filled to the brim with new acts. So to get his buzz up, he took his show on the road, buidling his buzz through relentless promotion. The results of that has been great as a hit single and video have been spawned through that hustle. caught up with Young Nino to talk about his new single and video, his influences and where we might see him next year this time What was it like growing up in Atlanta?

Young Nino: Atlanta has always been a city that has put out  great  music.  You know, we’ve got a lot of talent coming out of the city, but artist like Outkast  and Goodie Mob definitely paved the way for the new school to do it big. In Atlanta, we support each other and we hustle!  That’s why artists out of Atlanta have been successful, because of the grind and the love we get from the city. What sets you apart from other artists out right now?

Young Nino: My  talent and music speaks for itself, but the game plan was always to work several different markets and then bring it back home.  Being  that Atlanta is so saturated, you really have to have an extremely heavy  street marketing campaign to stand out. Being independent , we figured lets go to some other markets first, build the brand, get the buzz, and have a story. That’s what we did, and when an exec of what have you  pulls  any of my media base or bds reports, they see I have a real following and audience. They can call out to certain people in various markets and find out that I have a name and a presence in the market place. Talk to me about your new single

Young Nino: Well the single is still going strong.  It’s available everywhere online. Get that “Crazy Over U”.  I also have a sampler called “TOP OF DA WORLD” that’s available online too.  Spring and summer is upon us  so  I’ll be hitting the road heavily. New music will be leaked out  soon. The grind don’t stop. How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?

Young Nino: I love the current state of hip hop.  It’s good to see everybody doing their own thing. And not just Atlanta artist. Aint no hating over here, I got love for everybody, no matter where you from. The south, the east coast, the west coast, and mid west. If you doing it, keep doing it.

Crazy Over U is a big record, an instant hit.  It’s  getting a lot of love from urban radio as well as the rhythmic stations. So call and request it. The single is online everywhere, go get it! The video is hot too. Check it out on YouTube. Recenlty XXL dropped the “Freshman 10” list. There were a lot of new artists on that list this year. Do you feel like you could crack the top 10 next year?

Young Nino: That would be a good look but magazines and the big screen will come as long as I stay focused and on my grind. But don’t be surprised if you do see me.  I know your independent right now. What’s it like being an indie?

Young Nino: Well, being independent is good because you are your own boss. I signed myself to my own label Stack Money Entertainment.  So I move how I want  when I want without asking any questions. There is a lot of hard work involved with being independent, but if you know how to grind and go hard, you’ll be successful. The downside is ,when you’re independent ,it’s really tough to get the radio play you may want in certain markets because of  all the politics it  takes to get spins on the radio.

Check out Young Nino at ,, and follow him on twitter. Stack Money Ent. – Respect Da Movement.

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