Rumors: Diddy Vs So Icey/Mizay Entertainment?

It’s a good thing we are based out of the south. There are so many rumors popping off that sometimes you don’t know what to believe. Word has it that Diddy is on a mission. First he snagged up Rick Ross, then Nicki Minaj and now we are hearing Gucci Mane as well as Shawty Lo uh oh. Yep you heard us right. He is trying to snag up all the hottest rappers in the south, and it appears that he is willing to do anything to step on anybody’s toes to do it. In particular Deb from So Icey/Mizay entertainment’s artists in particular.

The way we are hearing it, the BAD BOY Atlantic side artist will never come out due to some kind of contract and catalog issues. Now Diddy has BAD Boy Interscope and he is reminiscing from back in the 90’s. Nicki is the new Lil Kim and Rick Ross is the new Biggie of the south. So who is Gucci supposed to be the new Black Rob? With him being in and out of jail so much it would make one wonder.

Diddy was on 106 & Park and he could only confirm Rick Ross. When asked about Nicki Minaj he could not confirm her as of yet. Gucci just got out of Jail and shot his new video featuring Wacka Flocka with no mention as to whether he was still rocking with Deb from Mizay entertainment.

My sources tell us not only has DEB not heard from Gucci but she is through with him. Gucci left the So Icey Imprint to start his own label called 1017, where he has full control over his label. If any of these rumors are true then Nicki better be careful and Rick Ross better hope he don’t end up the same way Big did.

Side Note: The word on the streets is Suge Knight is also lurking around the ATL and is not happy about the moves that Diddy is making with him stepping on certain peoples toes and reached out to a certain someone in the industry about teaming up. This is going to get interesting…

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