Rumors: Reggie Bush Dating Dolicia Bryant /Jeezy Got A White Girl Pregnant? + Nicki Minaj’s Ass Real Or Fake – Photos

Thank you miss mouth for dropping this information in our email inbox. Rumors has it that Reggie Bush jumped from one jump off (Kim Kardashian) to another. Allegedly Reggie is dating video vixen Dolicia Bryant. Yep you heard us right all though these are just rumors and there is absolutely no validity to them right? More below.

Dolicia has been connected to several other entertainers and rap stars. She has dated Jamie Foxx, Bow Wow, 50 Cent and many more. If this is true Reggie might as well hang it up. There is nothing worse then dating a girl who has been with all of your peers smdh.

In other rumor news meet Jeezy’s newest jump off/Baby Mama video vixen Jeanna Shea. Rumor is Jeanna is pregnant and the only way the rumor of Jeanna being Jeezy’s girl is true if the baby is actually from Jeezy. Smdh, this is supposedly the same chick that was kicking it with Young Berg and appeared in his sex tape. What that fuakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I have to just say it like that to get it out of my system. I think rappers have really lost their minds to the point they forgot they are not really who they rap about or are they? Next

You guys need to stop saying that Nicki Minaj’s ass is not real. Who actually takes the time to focus on this kind of shit. I mean if she wants to wear a fake booty bra then let her. If it makes her ass stand out more then so be it. Who cares if her ass looks deformed if she likes it we love it!

Photos courtesy of Street Fame Magazine

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