Rumors: T.I. Was Screwing Rihanna And So Was Drake

Rapper T.I. isn’t even off house arrest and already he is getting caught up in some mess. First Beanie siegel sends out a diss his way which I don’t get. Then Bossip is reporting that the reason why T.I. gave Tiny her new porsche is because of T.I.’s affair he had with Rihanna before he went to prison. We could not make this one up even if we tried. Read below what bossip is reporting.

Sources tell BOSSIP exclusively that T.I. and Rihanna shared more than just their hit song “Live Your Life” before Clifford headed to his cell. That’s right. After we exposed the secret that Chris had been hitting off Alycia Bellamy from “Daddy’s Girls,” multiple sources hit us up confirming that it was not just a rumor (as Alycia tried to claim via Twitter before deleting) but that Alycia was preferred among those who truly cared for Chris. Especially since these sources also knew that Little Miss Sunshine Rihanna had been spreading her umbrella for more than just Chris.

According to BOSSIP sources, in the months after “the incident” as Chris and Rihanna tried to work through all the drama and stay together — they both continued to be unfaithful. Chris with Alycia, and Rihanna with several other folks.

“She f*cked T.I. before he went to jail and she f*cked Drake,” one insider told BOSSIP, before adding. “All within a months time.”

Another source confirmed the Drake rumor as well while telling BOSSIP, “I think its important that you guys air out Rihanna’s crazy ways cause the b*tch gets away with murder. She’s just got the right people on her side covering it all up.”

“There is nothing wrong with a woman going to claim her fantasies,” one of BOSSIP’s sources said, before adding, “but to have this golden girl image and you’re an angel and Chris is a monster. F*ck it – if he’s a monster she’s a ho.”


Side note:
Do you guys remember the video that surfaced on the internet when the Dream was drunk saying he was going to go home and bang out Rihanna and his peoples were trying to shush him up? I don’t know if this is true or not but they are sure as hell hoaring the hell out of her image in the public.

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