The Real Reason Why The Industry Is Dead And Corrupt

As of late myself and some other journalist have been speaking about the direction of the music industry as of late and the undertones of images that are portrayed by our own people who are extremely famous. This documentary will expose what is most hidden from the naked eye. It is time that you examine the people who you love to hear about and read about in magazines and entertainment blog sites and find out what is really influencing them and the effects that it has on your subconscious mind . While there are many entertainment outlets owned by the so called black media I don’t see any of them putting out the real truth about what they see out of fear of false made up relationships or fear of losing money. More below.

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Jay- Z Coming Under Fire About His Lyrics For Hope For Haiti Song

Haitiquake2 (1)
Is anyone else shocked that Jay-Z is out in the open with his Globalist rational for bringing ‘1000 points of Light ‘ (masonic philosophy), to the country of Haiti “because they were already starving”? In actuality , since 2005 the UN sent 8000 Brazilian and Argentine troops to patrol Haiti for unspecified reasons. It was in 2008 , that a series of questionable hurricanes that hit a region of Haiti and a mysterious school collapsed in Pettonville which killed 98 children. Immediately following the hurricanes there was a convenient food crisis, giving an open door to the World Food Bank, ie Rockefeller.

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