Video: Max B Documentary Trailer + Video: Lil Wayne – Single

Trailer for a Max B documentary that his official fansite is putting out 4/29. Plus Weezy got a new video out titled single. I think this is one of the twelve videos he shot before he went to prison check it out below.

“NY-Z” – An ABSOLUT Collaboration with Jay-Z

ABSOLUT Vodka presents “NY-Z”, a new 15-minute documentary featuring Jay-Z. The film was directed by Danny Clinch. More exclusive content at

The Obama Deception HQ Full Length Documentary

Credible journalist Alex Jones shows you the intricacies behind the current president of the united states and who is running things behind the scenes the people that you don’t see or even know or heard of for that matter. For those who don’t much about politics but you see changes that you do not understand if you have an open mind you may be able to learn a few things.

Michael Vick Comes Cleans: How His Dogfighting All Started & Losing Everything

Michael Vick Comes Cleans: How His Dogfighting All Started & Losing Everything! (Having To Pay Back $20 Million +, Losing Contracts, Wife, Kids & Family Breaking Down After Hearing He Was Going To Jail & More)

A Look Into The Face Of Evil: Stealing a Nation, a Special Report by John Pilger

Watch this special documentary about how a country was taking over by the US and Britain for imperialism. You guys better take a hard look at what is going on with Haiti. As of right now the us is moving 400,000 people away from the earthquake struck Port Au Prince.

AIDS HIV tests a hoax? Exclusive footage from House of Numbers documentary

This exclusive footage from the AIDS / HIV documentary House of Numbers reveals unedited conversations with two doctors who question conventional thinking about AIDS. Used with permission. See film trailers at


Omarion takes you on a journey from the start of his career until now…and beyond…

Lil Wayne: “I was raped at 11 yrs old” I loved it!

In this video clip from his documentary “The Carter” Wayne is seen here making reference to a womans body parts to a 15 year old.

Lil Wayne Seeks To Halt Distribution Of Carter Documentary

Quincy Jones III was left scratching his head when the rapper sued to block distribution of the documentary.

The Documentary That Every African American Should See

Maafa 21 takes a hard look at eugenics and it’s effects on African Americans from the slavery days up till now and how they implemented racism and continue to implement it today even in the 21st century. It’s time for African Americans to really open up their eyes and see how the digression of a race will lead them back to modern day slavery.

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