Haiti raises earthquake’s death toll to 230,000

Haiti’s government has raised the death toll for the Jan. 12 earthquake to 230,000 from 212,000 and says more bodies remain uncounted.

Haiti:Lots Of Foreign Guns, Not Much Aid

The truth comes out as independent former CNN corespondent is reporting that the military is what most people see in Haiti but not much help in the way of Aide. The reason for their presence is to keep the law in order. What this disturbing video and you tell me what the hell is going on. The US does not care about those people and all that money that was raised by those celebrities, Haiti people will not see any of it for their benefit.

Americans Charged With Kidnapping Children In Haiti

Finally some damn justice. The Times is reporting that a group of 10 Americans detained in Haiti for trying to take 33 children out of the country after the earthquake were charged with child kidnapping tonight.

Black Celebs Do A Remake Of We Are The World While The Vultures Make Money Off Of Disaster Relief

Artists have recently come together to remake the classic 1980 hit by the late great Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie & Quincy Jones. The OG version featured artists like Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper & more.

Haiti Detains Americans For Taking Kids Across Border

Ten Americans were detained by Haitian police on Saturday as they tried to bus 33 children across the border into the Dominican Republic, allegedly without proper documents.

Is America Stealing Hatian Children? American’s Rush To Adopt Hatian Children

Something about this thing just don’t sit right. It seems like the more time passes the more bizarre this story gets. I want you guys to peep what msnbc is reporting about white American families adopting Hatian orphans

Jay- Z Coming Under Fire About His Lyrics For Hope For Haiti Song

Is anyone else shocked that Jay-Z is out in the open with his Globalist rational for bringing ‘1000 points of Light ‘ (masonic philosophy), to the country of Haiti “because they were already starving”? In actuality , since 2005 the UN sent 8000 Brazilian and Argentine troops to patrol Haiti for unspecified reasons.

Oil Discovered In Cuba And Haiti Before Earth Quake

It has been a little over a week since the devastating earthquake hit just outside Port au Prince, Haiti. Since that day, I have watched in horror as the Haitian people and their society have quickly submerged into a quagmire of social unrest and political grandstanding.

WyClef On Oprah: My People Are Not Animals

Where Wyclef Jean goes, awareness of and aid for Haiti’s earthquake- (and now aftershock-) wrought devastation, follows.

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U2,Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz Collabo For Haiti

U2’s famed guitarist the edge has confirmed that the group will collaborate with rapper Jay-Z on an upcoming song for charity.According to The Edge, super producer Swizz Beatz reached out to U2 front man Bono with the idea of creating a benefit song for Haiti, which was rocked by a 7.0 earthquake last Tuesday (January 12).

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