Is Nicki Corrupting The World?

First as a women there is nothing wrong with being sexy and feminine in hip-hop, but I have to wonder has Nicki to a whole new level past Lil Kim and Foxy?

Sense L – Stiles – The Mixtape [ EPISODE 11 ] Promo

Chicago based rapper Sense L has a new mixtape releasing April 14th named Stiles. The rapper has done 11 1 minute video clips that tells a story of what he has been dealing with in his personal life from trying to pursue his rap career to baby mama drama and what you see on the vids is very real.

Main Stream Hip-Hop Is So Boring!

Isis says mainstream hip-hop is boring is she right?

Barack Obama: I Love Jay-Z’s Blue Print 3

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album has received its biggest endorsement via President Barack Obama. In a recent interview with BBC One, Jay-Z disclosed that the President loved the LP and was playing it during their recent phone conversation.

A Question To My Readers

Look at the photo above. Do you remember what it was like to read? I have been studying you guys ever since you have set foot on my site. I also follow your patterns and what you find to be the most interesting. I would like to know why you find it more entertaining to read about something that is going to hold your attention span for only 3 to 5 minutes?

Photos: Hip-Hop and RnB Of The 2010 Grammy’s

Is that Busta Rhymes On the Red Carpet? Check out the rest with Trey Songs, Paul Wall, Common, Akon JAY-Z and others below.

Hip-Hop Rock’s: Game Rebellion – Game Time

Rock and Roll and Hip-Hop are like distant cousins. While acts like Rage Against the Machine and to a lesser extent Limp Bizkit made it a reconciliation seem possible, that comity didn’t last. They see each other at all the familiar family functions, but they don’t really hang out anymore. Game Rebellion s trying to change that

Young Money: The New Hip-hop Empire

Hip-hop Journalist Isis Wisdom from Atlanta weighs in on the success of Lil Waynes label, Young Money records and says the label is the new powerhouse of hip-hop for 2010.

The Swine Flu Vaccinations-Why Isn’t Hip-Hop Talking About This?

Writer Isiswisdom, challenges hip-hop to get a little more political and start speaking out on issues that not only affect us music wise but also political wise and speaks out against the mandatory vaccinations of the swine flu.

Raekwon “House Of Flying Daggers”

Download the track “House of flying daggers” with Raekwon, FT Inspectah Deck, GZA, Ghostface Killah, Method Man

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