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Swazy Baby
Swazy Baby should be commended. While other up and coming artists are busy trying to bury their underground past in hopes commercial success, Swazy Baby continues to capitalize on his. And why not? Using mixtapes as a way to build his buzz up initially is what brought Swazy to the attention of  Bigga Rankin.

With Bigga’s support, Swazy built up a strong buzz throughout Florida. Slip-N-Slide Records would eventually come calling, signing the young spitter to a roster that already had Down South heavyweights Trick Daddy, Trina and Plies on the team.

While his debut album “Bring em Out” is being prepared, Swazy isn’t resting on his laurels. Rather than waiting on the label to decide when to push him, he decided to push himself. Crowned the “Prince of the Remixes” he’s taken some of the radio’s biggest hits and put his own twist to it. caught up with Swayz Baby in between studio breaks to talk about how he landed at Slip-N-Slide records, his love of the underground and what we can expect from him this year. How did you get into hip-hop?

Swazy Baby: My uncle influenced me. Looking up to him. He was a street nigga who was doing music. He actually wrote my first rap. After he got locked up I kept running with it. Finally got the opportunity to do something big when I met Bigga (Rankin) at the “Rep Your City” competition. And now your signed to Slip-N-Slide records. How did that come about?

Swazy Baby: Doing music and putting out music. Putting money behind radio spins. That’s it. Fucking with these Dj’s and just staying out there and in there face. Like I said before, Bigga Rankin took me to the “Rep Your City” competition and I won that shit twice. After that he took me down to Jacksonville for “The Next Big Superstar” thing and I did my thing. The rest is history really. Describe your style for those who haven’t heard you yet.

Swazy Baby: That’s always a hard question. I would say me being me sets me apart from these other artists. I’m with the new generation and how niggas be rapping and singing. I’m in a category with Wayne and Drake and them. I’ve been doing that shit. I just aint really got out there and showed people that side of me yet. But I’m also lyrical. You’ve been killing the internet lately with your remixes. What made you want to take other peoples songs and remix them?

Swazy Baby: Just doing what I’m supposed to do. The album is supposed to be dropping this year and I’ve been in the studio all night and all day. While I was working I started remixing songs that are hot right now. I did a verse for “Say Something” We’ve been doing a lot of mixtape stuff. When can we expect an album from you?

Swazy Baby: You can expect an album this year. You can expect a whole lot of mixtapes. I aint going to stop doing mixtapes. Anything that’s hot on the radio you’ll hear me on that shit.

To hear what Swazy Baby has cooking, check out

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