Trey Songz “Ready” Album Review

The 24-year-old singer brings Drake, Fabolous, Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em on his third album.
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Trey Songz is one of the most under rated R&B singers in the industry. It looks like he may have changed up his marketing plan because now all you hear is Trey popping up on peoples albums doing several features. He even put a diss out on R. Kelly, which was a bold move by the R&B Crooner, challenging the one that he admires and looks up to, to step up his game and get off the auto tune wave.

Can’t say that I blame him, it seems as if the auto tune was beginning to be a replacement for real R&B singers. Make no mistake Trey is determined to make his mark as one of the best R&B singers in the game. Trey most notable appearances really started resurfacing when another singer/ rapper Drake appeared on the scene,and really propelled him back out to the forefront as that R&B dude.

I can’t lie with Drake being the hottest commodity out now because of his ability to sing and rap he took the music industry by storm, and Trey helped propel his career with hit songs such as “Successful” . Riding on that wave now it’s time for Trey to put his money where his mouth is and you guys are wondering did he do just that? I reviewed what I felt was the best tracks on his album.
1.Intro “Panty droppa”= When you hear this, it will give you the over all theme of the album. Talking about making love and him fantasizing about you and can’t wait to make love in your heels etc etc.

2. “Neighbors know my name”= This song is pretty self explanatory but this is one of my favorites. This song talks about him putting it on you so good that the neighbors know his name from the woman, screeching, hooping and hollering. I’m sure you ladies can relate.

3. “I invented sex”= An easy club banger, makes you want to get your groove on. Definitely a joint that the DJs will love that will get the girls dancing on the floor, Ft. Drake spitting 16 bars with a lil auto tune. The track is hot.

4.“I need a girl”= This song is the type of joint that you could rocking to when your on the road traveling. But his lyrics says he wants somebody who is real. A woman who will catch his back. Not afraid to say he needs a woman in his life. I like the acoustic guitar in this song.

7.“Say Aah”= Another club banger. This is something that everybody can rock to the club Ft. Mr Loso himself Fabolous. I hope he makes a video to this song and I’m somewhere in the vicinity when he shoot it.

8. “LOL”= You know I posted this to make a comment. The song was cute at first but some features just don’t need to be done. He has Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell Em on the track. Trey you did to much with this joint mane. <---Fail!

9.“Ready to make luv”= The only thing I will say is, this intro sets the tone for the next 7 songs.

13.”Black Roses“= I like this joint this is different for Trey Songz. I’m glad he experimented with this song. This is one of my favorites actually only because it’s not anything that I have ever heard coming from a R&B singer. This song talks about one minute you guys are good and the next you guys are breaking up. The song is appropriately titled.

Over all his album is a decent album. Very much a themed out album and worth copping. If you want to plan children then fellas get this in your CD collection asap the ladies will love this. Do I think this is a platinum selling album? No!The climate of music that we are in at this time most albums are single driven/oriented and this one is no different. He added the track “Successful” to his album, but even with that I still don’t see platinum numbers. I would also like to add that the song track 17 “Yo side of the bed” has a R.Kelly/prince feel to it. But it’s a decent song.

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3 responses to “Trey Songz “Ready” Album Review”

  1. Michael

    9th Sep, 09

    How can you ignore One Love- Its real and heartfelt with awesome vocals and production that can be compared to great tracks like those sung by Usher.

    And the Purple Rain-esque Yo Side of The Bed that shows his versatility as a singer could appeal to other demographics shouldn’t just be a footnote to the other tracks you mentioned because it more than just a decent song.

  2. alicia

    9th Dec, 09

    i luv him dats mah futur right there i like every song he sings ya know

  3. alice

    9th Dec, 09

    trey songz is a very talented person and i would luv to sing with him one day im a gospel singer discoverd by vickie winans and when im known in the country yes i would luv to sing with trey

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