Under-Inflated Tires To Blame For Jet Crash Involving Travis Barker

It appears that under-inflated tires were the cause of a plane crash involving drummer Travis Barker, DJ AM, and four other people in 2008.

According to Yahoo News, investigators revealed this latest news to the National Transportation Safety Board at a meeting this week.

Investigators also explained that under-inflated tires are a common problem with business jets like the Learjet 60 Barker and DJ AM were on board when the accident took place. Tires on these types of jets lose pressure quickly and aren’t checked often enough.

The September 2008 accident involving Barker and DJ AM resulted when all of the tires on the Learjet exploded almost simultaneously. As a result of the explosions, debri from the tires damaged both the hydraulic system and the thrust reversers.

While DJ AM and Barker survived the accident the four other people in the jet, including Barker’s bodyguard and assistant, did not. The families of Barker’s assistant and bodyguard have reached legal settlements with several companies as a result of the accident.

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